Brawn improves gym membership retention by connecting those who like to lift

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BRAWN in-gym

Brawn in-Gym is a new, interactive experience that has been proved to improve member retention.

Lifters use the Brawn in-gym tablet to share their latest lifting data, with results instantly appearing on large screens on the gym floor. Brawn in-Gym celebrates personal progress, rewards consistent gym attendance and motivates lifters with Community Goals.

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Connect your gym members with Community Goals

  • A new goal each month for gym members to collaboratively achieve¬†
  • Prizes for gym members who achieve the goal first in their local area¬†
  • Shared accountability encourages regular gym visits and improves member retention

Engage with your members 24/7

The Brawn app is a constant companion for gym members to connect & chat with fellow lifters, track the progress of their Community Goals and celebrate achievements from the gym-floor.


Brawn in-Gym is backed by some of the biggest names in strength sports

One of the most exciting developments in strength training that I've ever seen

Nick Mitchell, Founder & CEO of UP Fitness