Official Partnership With Primal Strength Announced

August 2021


Primal Strength announces official partnership with Brawn and provides backing virtual lifting events


Brawn has secured a partnership with Primal Strength, a leading provider of performance strength products for the commercial and home fitness markets.

Brawn is a fast growing digital community of lifters which allows competitive and recreational lifters to share training progress and connect with other lifters to learn, support, progress and compete. The Brawn app is a place where lifters can access virtual and physical events to see how they rank against others, enabling global competition with no barriers.

Primal is one of the UK’s fastest growing strength brands, whose customers include leading professional sports teams like Celtic Football Club, plus public and private gyms for celebrities. They also boast brand ambassadors such as Sara Holden and Zack George, who was crowned the “UK’s Fittest Man” in 2020. Primal recently secured a multi-million pound investment from Flyweel Partners and is on an aggressive growth plan after benefitting from the post-Covid boom in consumer fitness spend.

Steven Rinaldi, Managing Director of Primal, says “Brawn is a much needed digital solution for the strength market and we support the vision that Sohail and his team have to grow participation in strength training across all levels and abilities. We can see how virtual events will increase competition, engagement and motivation within the lifting community. We are proud to be one of the early partners for such an ambitious and scalable fit-tech company.”

Primal was one of the lead sponsors of Brawn’s launch event in May 2021, which was the first virtual event in UK powerlifting history and attracted over 100 participants – higher attendance than any UK qualifier in 2019 at the first time of asking. Brawn are now rolling out virtual events globally and having partnered with all of the major global federations; they have a ready-made audience that have been starved of competition.

“We are delighted to be working with Steven and his team at Primal Strength. The quality of their equipment is up there with the best and to have them onboard as an early partner for our UK launch was invaluable. We are building a global community of lifters that can provide the support needed to help each other progress and achieve their personal goals. Primal share this vision and their brand and network will help us access the wider strength market. We look forward to building a long partnership with the brand and continuing to work together to make lifting better for everyone.”

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