The Brawn app

Joining the Brawn community gives you the power to track your lifting progress, connect with fellow lifters and support each other in achieving new personal bests.

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Train Better

Keep your training log with you at all times. Plan, track and log your lifts seamlessly for ultimate flexibility and absolute simplicity.

Lift Greater

Improve your lifting performance with self-recorded lift videos displayed side-by-side to identify personal improvement opportunities.

Connect Together

Stay motivated by taking your place beside the lifting community. Groups allow you to connect on a single platform so you can share achievements instantly.

Don’t take our word for it. Let’s hear why lifters love Brawn…

The Brawn app is my personal training log and where I track improvement. I have it with me
all the time.

Amelia Crook


Brawn brings the lifting community together. It’s fantastic!

Rob Clark


The Brawn initiative and rewards are fantastic. I love cheering peoples lifts on and
seeing how my friends are doing.

Karenjeet Kaur Bains


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